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Rely To Purchase Cellulose Pad, Forward Curved Centrifugal Fan And Others At Economical Rates!

About Us

Diligent employees are more often engaged singularly in one thing while doing their respective operations and i.e., attaining nothing beside excellence. We have understood till now in business that nothing can replace need of the diligent employees and this being the reason, we have hired all-rounder candidates. These candidates are diligently conducting their operations and thus filling aforesaid need for our business. We, Devi Enterprises, are backed by such diligent employees in our diversified business aspects. We are a quality-oriented company in the market which leaves no gap in completing tasks with perfection. 

Our complete attention as a manufacturer stays on providing our customers those solutions that truly aligns with their requirements. This deep information about exact needs of our customers is given by our diligent employees who make sure we are aware about customers ongoing needs. We maintain our products ready for easily answering growing demands of our customers in this market. The offered range includes Labyrinth Ventilation System, Backward Curved Centrifugal Fan, Industrial Smoke Extractor System, Car Park Jet Fan, etc. 

We, herein company, are widely admired for having recognition of sole promotional, associate as well as service partner of M/s. E.M.B. Products AG (RODA), in India. They hold specialization in Smoke/Natural/Fire Ventilation Systems and many others which are utilized in commercial as well as industrial buildings during fire. Our company has recruited competent technicians and engineers for well undertaking Annual Maintenance and Refurbishment Contracts for AHU And Air Washers. 

Our organization has capacity of preserving abundant stock of ancillary and insulation materials for handling projects of clients in acoustics insulation and thermal (hot and cold). We render accurate support to our clients for meeting their innovative requirements in the industry. 

Our Main Customers

Our deserving company till this date has never made any customer against it. The reason for this is, immense dedication to maintain trust of every single client. Every customer is important to our business. Hence, we make best efforts to cater to modern requirements of our customers pertaining to Car Park Jet Fan, Labyrinth Ventilation System, Backward Curved Centrifugal Fan and others. We keep vast stock of our products for meeting demands of our customers in the market. We assure our every single client about best service by maintaining industrial products of extreme quality. Following are our few of many main customers:

  • Sakal Media Ltd., Pune
  • ETA Ltd., Pune
  • Mahindra Vehicle Pvt Ltd.
  • Husco Hydraulics
  • Duflon Industries Ltd., Mahad
  • Eleven Proto Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur and more.

Why Believe Us?

  • Extraordinary Infrastructure: Our company has advanced machines in the well-developed infrastructural building. We use this for manufacturing our numerous products. Our offered Venturi Ventilator is extreme reliably made, designed, engineered and installed incorporating venturi principle and differential pressure inside both atmosphere and building. This is used in buildings for heat mass extraction. 
  • Responsible Team: We have tremendously qualified team that zealously accomplishes undertaken turnkey projects for meeting needs of customers. Our team of designers, engineers and technicians has experience of about 30 years, owing to which, customers orders in the ventilation and insulation industry, are carefully executed. 
  • Customers Satisfaction: Our organization does everything keeping up with relevant needs of customers. Also, we offer worth-remembering deals in several markets for our customers.